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California Flavored Tobacco Ban Dies in Senate

Last week, California’s flavored tobacco ban was moving forward, now the bill is dead.


By Charlie Minato

State Sen. Jerry Hill, D-13, announced that he had withdrawn S.B. 38, the bill that would have banned the use of flavored tobacco. His decision is due to a variety of amendments that were tacked onto his attempt at banning flavored cigars.

The California Senate Appropriations Committee passed a version of S.B. 38, but it included amendments that would have exempted tobacco products with menthol, hookah tobacco and any product that has a patent prior to Jan. 1, 2000. Hill believes that these amendments were included to help the tobacco industry and undermined his bill.

“The aim was to prohibit tobacco products with fruit, candy and other flavors that entice young people from being sold in stores,” said Hill in a statement. “The amendments imposed on the bill erode those protections by creating unnecessary, harmful exemptions.”

Technically, Hill designated the bill as “inactive,” which doesn’t kill the bill, but  Hill has said that he won’t bring the bill back unless the amendments are dropped.

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