Bill Strengthening Enforcement of Flavored Tobacco Ban Signed into Law

The governor has signed AB 935, Assemblymember Connolly’s bill creating greater enforcement of the ban on flavored tobacco

smokingSACRAMENTO, CA – Governor Gavin Newsom officially signed Assemblymember Damon Connolly’s (D-San Rafael) Assembly Bill (AB) 935, which explicitly authorizes the California Department of Health to enforce the flavored tobacco ban pursuant to the Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement (STAKE) Act. This strengthened enforcement measure of the ban on flavored tobacco is in response to teenagers throughout the state continuing to gain access to these addictive products in retail locations across California.

“Passing AB 935 is an important step to protect public health and prevent the next generation of Californians from becoming addicted to smoking,” said Assemblymember Connolly. “AB 935 keeps flavored tobacco products out of the hands of teenagers and ensures that retailers are selling their products responsibly and in compliance with existing law. Preventing our young people from a life of nicotine addiction starts with enforcing the ban on flavored tobacco.”

While most flavored tobacco sales were prohibited in Senate Bill (SB) 793, retailers across the state continue to carry these illicit products and make them accessible to teenagers. The availability of flavored tobacco persists as a public health issue due to the inadequate enforcement of the existing law. AB 935 updates SB 793 by establishing a consistent consequence for violation of the flavored tobacco ban pursuant to the STAKE Act., and protects the next generation of Californians from becoming addicted to smoking.

AB 935 has been signed by the governor and will go into effect in January, 2024.

Read the origional press release here.

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