Beverly Hills May Ban Sales Of All Tobacco Products

Beverly Hills May Ban Sales Of ALl Tobacco Products

February 14, 2019

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By: Andrew Nagy - Cigar Aficionado

The mayor and vice mayor of Beverly Hills want to ban the sale of all tobacco products, including cigars, in the California city. Mayor Julian Gold and Vice Mayor John Mirisch proposed the idea during a City Council study session on Tuesday night.

Should such a proposal pass, Beverly Hills would become the first city in the United States to outright ban the sale of all tobacco products. Additionally, the more than 30 tobacco retailers that are located in the city would be affected, including the famous (and private) Grand Havana Room; Nazareth’s, a retail shop with a cigar lounge that opened in 1985; and the other cigar shops in Beverly Hills.

"We've been on a path, on a trajectory, to see what we can do to protect our citizens against the harmful impacts of smoking," Mayor Gold said at Tuesday night’s meeting, according to a Fox 11 report.

While no official legislation has been introduced, Mirisch, who is set to take over as mayor in March when Gold’s term is over, said he wants to have a measure “on the books in three months.”

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