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The California Association of Retail Tobacconists, Inc. (CART) was incorporated in the state of California on November 16, 1998 and is a non profit mutual benefit corporation.

CART is organized, administered and operated exclusively to receive, administer and expend funds to promote and represent the common business interests of and improve the business conditions among...more.

California Children and Families Commission:

Its Poor Contracting Practices Resulted in Questionable and Inappropriate Payments to Contractors and Violations of State Law and Policies




Our review of the California Children and Families Commission's spending practices and contracting procedures revealed that it:

* Allowed one of its media contractors to circumvent the payment

provisions of a contract by paying invoices totaling $673,000 for fees and expenses of some of the contractor's employees that were prohibited under the terms of the contract.

* Did not fully use the tools available to it to ensure its

contractors provided appropriate services.

* Could not always demonstrate it had reviewed and approved final

written subcontracts and subcontractors' conflict-of-interest certificates.


Prop 10 Audit Report:

California Children and Families Commission:

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